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Veronica Farren is a creative artist from Boston, Massachusetts who graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor of fine arts. Veronica Farren is a published photographer and graphic artist.

jet airplane wing and engine from boeing window pink orange sunset
business man reading newspaper on airplane
statues of people on pedestals over basketball hoop in Miami, FL
natural rainbow tree bark
larvae tunnels in log tree branch forest
multicolored peeling tree bark
rainy weather walking in rain with umbrella window covered in rain drops Toronto, Canada
home made soft pretzels in glass jar
Indonesia steam ship yellow life raft nautical ropes
close up black thread stitches hand injury
Alien Eye
architecture staircase Dominican Republic
Joshua Tree
architecture tunnel walkway
downtown los angeles photo studio
white wall black shadows of people
torn weathered pirates flag blowing in wind at sunset
pink cloud blue sky
bleach hair dye foaming out of bottle expired
reflection of cumulus clouds in lake
fountain pouring into wading reflection pool Dominican Republic resort
catalpa leaves barbed wire spiked fence gate
yellow flowers
rain drops falling through awning
mimosa brunch waterfront Marina del Rey, CA
healthy kids lunch meal carrots celery spinach pasta sweet peppers quinoa patty
sticky hand goop slime covered in sand at beach
rainbow of gummy bears on arm red orange yellow green
sunflower under pergola
ferris wheel silhouette sunset
mannequin head with book reading
lace thong chewed up destroyed by dog
vintage mercedes customized medallion dreamcatcher
colorful house ornamental round window St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
hot pink purple glass elevators cruise ship Mexico
watermelo desert pizza with nutella, pudding, frosting, fruits, raisins, nuts, pumpkin seeds, pretzel, coconut flakes
pink rainbow rock towers
vintage conversion van interior pink and green paint
vintage refrigerator word magnets poem
old abandoned trailer overgrown vines in forest broken down
matcha latte leaf swirl
garden bulb lights string
yellow glass star-shaped garden light
raindrops on old wooden window
hand made rag dolls
doorway in mossy treetrunk winter snow
message in a green glass bottle on beach
tower viewer beach pier
laundry machine overload soap suds
coconut with natural face that looks like animal
grocery baskets stacked Singapore
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