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Veronica Farren is a creative artist from Boston, Massachusetts who graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor of fine arts. Veronica Farren is a published photographer and graphic artist.

greylag goose with blue eyes Lake Balboa
black pigs burning note pages bonfire
Chinchilla yellow wildflowers Eaton Canyon San Gabriel Mountains
tussock moth caterpillar yellow black long spiky white hair
caged locust at food market in Shanghai China
moth on purple flower
white albino guinea pig with pink ruby eyes in jacaranda flowers
spider eggs in spider web nest egg sac
Northern Green Frog
sea lions fighting playing in water la jolla cove
light brown crab with green eyes in sand on beach
black and white goat eating leaves through fence in Leominster, Massachusetts
Plains garter snake black with yellow stripes on sides
brown moth
African Gorilla eating banana in forest
Italian greyhound licking nose cute sticking out tongue beautiful big ears brown eyes blonde fur
brown moths on wall with white chipping paint
baby starfish on branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico
white swans interacting in pond body language pointing with head
black and white goat with orange hen friend on back piggyback farm animals
baby bat hanging upside down from persons shirt
bee pollinating hot pink flower
black pig next to fire pit
snail beautiful brown shell on wall
dog looking at goldfish in fish bowl
shark in aquarium
guinea pig with hole in ear from testing lab
white dog with hot pink mowhawk
spider hanging upside down
fashion terrier dog on stylish orange furniture
funny ostrich faces biting neck close up
orange and white koi fish
little girl hugging dog in bath tub bubble bath
dogs wearing life vests on boat in pile
dogs playing in ocean at Rosies Dog Beach Long Beach silhouette
turtle looking over shoulder
beautiful beetle on book page
three dogs sleeping on boat wearing life vests
cows grazing in field Ireland
small white dog swimming in ocean
brown chihuahua dog in tall grass
sea lions basking on rocks la jolla cove beach
dogs play fighting under tree Eaton Canyon Altadena, CA
white terrier puppy on wooden post in mountains Malibu, CA
brown tricolor reindeer chihuahua with light brown eyes chewing baseball
bee pollinating purple clover in tall grass
green toad on fabric cloth
chihuahua dogs sniffing in grass flowers
tricolor guinea pig and albino ruby eyed guinea pig grazing in grass
cute teacup yorkshire terrier long brown hair adorable
black and brown sheep in barn stall Winterthur, Switzerland
black pig happy smile with orange pomeranian laughing
chinchilla eating food with white ruby eyed guinea pig cohabitation friends
red beetle swarm climbing stick eating leaves
beautiful turkey on farm barnyard
dog eating spaghetti dinner from plate opus one wine
squirrel looking at camera
baby bird funny face french fry food
italian greyhound big beautiful ears sleeping in blankets
Puerto Rican lizard on lawn furniture
Russian tortoise hiding in plants peeking
lizard hiding in shoe
small dogs light blonde white sandy fur
wing span
seagull flying looking at camera
pigeons covering ground Pigeon Park, Puerto Rico
sea lions basking on beach swimming in water La Jolla Cove, CA
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