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Veronica Farren is a creative artist from Boston, Massachusetts who graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor of fine arts. Veronica Farren is a published photographer and graphic artist.

rainbow arc over California desert
rainbow skyscraper tower building Phuket Thailand
colorful row houses Cor Ireland waterfront
Marina Del Rey boat marina from above birds eye view
Downtown Los Angeles skyline from rooftop
Architecture Singapore Harbor boardwalk
Los Angeles skyline smog
windmills mountain railroad train
Singapore skyline
grassy meadow
Santa Monica, CA
botanical garden Portland, Oregon
view from bridge over Saigon River Ho Chi Minh
Ocean view walkway St Thomas Virgin Islands
Vineyard wine tasting house Napa Valley, CA
America farmland grid view from airplane above birds eye view
Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
beach ocean low tide line Santa Monica, CA
Marina del Rey, CA yachts sailboats
sunburst sunset over small mountain island in St Thomas, Virgin Islands
pink sunset Kyoto, Japan skyline view from hillside
Cliffs of Moher County Clare, Ireland
smog skyline skyscrapers silhouette
pink roses San Fransisco Botanical Rose Garden
Ribbon Fall waterfall Yosemite National Park
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Phnom Penh street market
Bo Kim Chi Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Tokyo, Japan city architecture skyscrapers bridge
green marsh Ballona Creek
Blarney Castle Ireland stone castle wall
Columbia River Oregon
desert farm industrial factory smoke stacks
orange yellow red row houses
Palm Trees on beach San Juan Puerto Rico
brick skyscraper building in Shanghai, China
Yosemite National Park view from mountain top
oceanside cliffs in Mexico
California desert mountains
Autumn foliage New England Fall Tyngsborough, MA
Las Vegas, NV desert
Napa Valley Vineyard view through glass door
Cambodia building architecture Phnom Penh
Greece building architecture Athens
winter trees
Dinosaur Footprints in Holyoke, Massachusetts
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